We are NOT Realtors. We do not want to sell your house or list your house. We want to BUY your house.

We are Bob and Frankie Jones of Home Front Real Estate Investment Group. We are not a big corporation from out of state or franchise company that generates leads to multiple investors. We are not a small “mom and pop” company that may not have the funding to help you when you need the help most. We are a local Dallas/Fort Worth company that was designed with you in mind.

You may be saying, “how can you help me in my situation?” We understand that life isn’t easy and what once was a home has become a heavy burden. We work with people in all kinds of situations: pre-foreclosure, divorce, loss of job, probate, estate property or you may just need to downsize. There is not a situation you are going through that we have not walked beside a client or family member to help them through and have some peace to move on.

Read more about us or let us help you with your house!